“The Experiment Has Failed. Are You Ready?” (Via TIP – The Internet Post)



3 Responses to ““The Experiment Has Failed. Are You Ready?” (Via TIP – The Internet Post)”

  1. The Translator Says:

    Maybe it’s just me ‘cos I’m basically an ignorant about macro economy, I know that, but being ignorant isn’t the same as idiot, so I’m starting to feel myself bit funny about this: could anybody explain me (that’s to say for dummies) how, after Das Kapital or “the best Capital’s strip tease ever” we, humans, still act as if Capital’s an invincible fortress and we continue with the being trapped in between swallow the consequences or starting the riot and blah blah, which is always ‘still’ not a option cos it’s dangerous but we love to talk about that anyway, and then stop, and then again to the swallow thing and so on? Don’t we have Capital’s blueprint? Am I wrong if I say that there’s no (safe) way out of this but just way “in”, that we must find some young or old or whatever smart economist that can explain Luke how to gain access to the Death Star and re-establish the balance? Does anybody realize that we, as citizens, human beings, we’re not being consulted about a thing? That’s because we don’t count for them. Again, am I wrong?

    So, the only one thing that inside Capital’s out of question is to plan forcing individuals to buy. And it’s not an option not because someone doesn’t like it but because it would be way expensive. Period. If something is way expensive, it’s outside Capitalism.

    So, why don’t we start a consumer disobedience act? It isn’t my point to do a hunger strike but, what if we manage to reduce our needs to the minimum until they manage to solve their internal affair? (Cos, as far as I know, everybody here will agree with the fact that this is essentially -their- malfunction and not our’s)

    Being myself as I said no one at all, I tend to think that, even a well written paper for dummies on how to “stop consuming” cold turkey, well promoted and distributed all over the planet via internet, would be so cool as a threat that will force all the parties to rethink their basic concept of what’s realistic or not. (for them, the present scenario seems realistic just because of our lamb’s nature)

    Again: the system can not force the individuals to buy cos that would be too expensive. Generic terror might be great tool for politicians but doesn’t generate any consumer at all (besides security consumers).

    Am I terribly wrong?

    • There is something wicked in our societies and the way us, individuals, play the game.
      We play somehow the game, not because we like it, but because somehow we know there’s actually no choice.
      We are playing dumb, to keep ourselves alive.
      It is a matter of macroeconomy, for we are just cattle to produce profit in big, not big, huge proportions. Otherwise, we go straight to the slaughterhouse.
      See how funny this, that I was told only a couple of days ago:

    • And a bit more:

      “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”


      Do you think this is a secret?
      Do you think we are not receiviing enough concealed messages to realize the way things are going?
      We might be lambs, but for sure, we are not dumb (though it might seem so).

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