What lies beneath

No, I won’t mention the name of a country.

It will be a bet.

I’m 100% sure that no matter what country you are from, you will find things in common with the current reality:

– Weak democracy

– Corruption spread all over societal structures

– Debt crisis / Debt markets (what’s the fucking difference?)

– Systemic and sheer attack to public health and public education

– Same for pensions and retirement. Markets know better than anybody, how to make profit with your savings.

– Persistent media operative to persuade us on the “benefits” of our system, no matter what.

– Spread of the belief that those who are being expelled from the system, definitely deserve it.

– Unemployed people are not anymore a consequence of the crisis, but the cause for the rest not to progress.

– Banks are the blood system of our societies (if this is not a blackmail, then what is?)

–  Cheap and shallow entertainment (as it has always been)

– Cheap food (you actually won’t die from starvation, you are still somehow necessary for the markets)

– Food industry concentrated in few and huge corporations

– Press totally submitted to either ruling party, or opposition one.

Ok, enough so far.

Have you found any of the features above, not really taking place in your country?

Do you still think your country is the only one that’s crap in the whole world?

Does this mean anything to you?


2 Responses to “What lies beneath”

  1. lakittywoo Says:

    ¿Puedo recomendarte un libro? Échale un ojo a “Un Planeta de Gordos y Hambrientos” de Luis de Sebastián. Y búscate en la wiki quién es ese tal Luis de Sebastián (o más bien “era”) si quieres añadir algo de fiabilidad a mi recomendación. Yo creo que no te vas a arrepentir.

    • Ay Kittywoo, claro que no me voy a arrepentir.
      Entré un minuto esta tarde al blog mientras coordinaba 14 cosas diferentes en la obra, y me encuentro con tu mensaje. En el medio del fragor sólo atiné a buscar a Luis de Sebastián en Google, y ya viendo las distintas entradas, suspiré.
      Ahora que tengo más tiempo, buscaré más información.
      Promete, sí.

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