E.T. GO HOME…!!!

It’s quite usual to hear these days, the statement that politicians are not E.T. that landed from a UFO, since they’ve been raised in, and are part of the same society in which all of us live. But then I ask myself: “So what???” So are common criminals and no one goes ranting for a general amnesty and freedom of the prisoners.

The excuse that  politicians and citizens have equal responsibility is not only a fallacy, but an outraging BS, which only outcome is moral decline and the lack of accountability of the governments. We (or let’s better say, those who are) the voters, are praised and desired at election times, but invited to stay mute the rest of the time.

People are not deciding their future with their vote.

You bet we need to change this society, even when you haven’t been one of the “damaged” yet.


4 Responses to “E.T. GO HOME…!!!”

  1. The Translator Says:

    I think that, right now, politicians are the visual interface for Capital. You can have a Facebook that’s blue and white, another that’s red and white, anyways, both are no more than visual interfaces for the same bunch of databases that constitutes one business that’s behind. As emotional creatures that we are, we want to feel that this lowest common denominator of liberty is present in each one of our decisions. Otherwise we are just slaves of some sort of determinism.

    So we can chose. Some of us play red, some of us play blue. This prevents us from feeling anguish. Take good note that even in the most democratic systems you can’t find more than two political forces that are really relevant. The Politician seems to be the newest archetype figure. Its is there just in order to soften this incomprehensible and unacceptable naked truth that works behind.

    • What’s the use of holding onto an interface that is not working anymore, or at least in the strict sense that they are where they are because of us?
      The risk is not facing our emptiness. I guess most of us forgot about the church and nothing happened. The risk is th challenge of working out how to replace that interface with something new.
      Then we’ll be truly free.

      • The Translator Says:

        Sorry about the mesianic approach, but that something new is the tool to accept that we (all) are going to die. And that we must face this fact with joy, because that’s what meants to be. Otherwise we’ll always be on the need of our parents (political in this case) to (fake) protect us against what we fear. And I don’t mean the dumbness of religion. It’s impossible to fix a world full of puppies claiming to be adults.

  2. Completely agree with what The Translator has settled… perhaps I would substitute ‘Capital’ for ‘Power’ in a broader sense.

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