Important note 1:

The concept of “smiling when we kill”, is a concept by John Lennon – Working class hero, as a requirement to reach the top of our societies. In this post, I only expressed my perception that that this requirement is a “quality” applicable to all humans, at all levels.

At first, I thought the expression would be universally known so as to everyone know where it comes from. But I realize it may not.

As if I had written: “You say you want a revolution…”

Important note 2:

The picture is “the Gioconda” aka “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is not mine – Oh no!. I just thought that the subtle smile (if a smile), could well represent the same idea of concealing evil with a touch of “class”.


If I had to say what’s the difference – the actual, key, definite difference – between us – humans, and animals, I’d say it’s our capability to smile…

when we kill our brothers.



3 Responses to “Difference”

  1. Oye… una vez más, ¡qué enormemente acertado has estado!

  2. Quite a statement there Ricardo!

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