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  1. Brotherhood is such a wonderful idea, but mostly for others to put to practice. It requires to put your own interests aside for the benefit of the whole. End of story.
    No wonder JFK was assassined.

  2. The Translator Says:

    One question is, who or what might act as super parents (or God) of this Brotherhood? Truth must be said, without common parents, it can’t work at all as real Brotherhood.

    • The truth is, we’ve been educated to always have “parents” to look over us (The wizard, the monk, the Emperor, the Presidents, the Dictators, the Pope), telling us how to live our lives for good (….).
      In our families, there comes a time when you leave your parent’s home and start building your own family, and although you keep your ties (best case scenario), they are never again as they used to be when you were kid/teen/young.
      The question is then, in my opinion if as a Society, we could ever grow up and live as brothers, regardless the existance of a God/parenthood/Government?
      This is both, an individual and a social issue. I’m sure to know where to start.

  3. Cromwellsheart Says:

    Adoption of a belief is a starting point. Mine is in Christ. It acts as an anchor, a certainty and provides a point of reference for everything.

    Kennedy was right in so many things and paid the price. However, universal brotherhood is attainable but we ALL must strive to the same goal.

    • Certainly John, that could be that my freedom ceases where yours begins.

      • Cromwellsheart Says:

        Interesting comment. Christ did say “there are others of my flock”. It is widely held he meant others who do good. I respect what you have said though, and yes some see it as freedom ending. I see it as freedom.

  4. I’m not sure why you say “though”.
    I always thought that even Christ was taken as a “father” rather than a “brother”, in spite of all his efforts to be in the same “plane” than all of us.
    I truly believe he was the first one to have a vision of brotherhood, leaving God Father where we’d be: in Heaven. So if we did as he taught us, loving our neighbours as ourselves, it could well be the foundation for a “flock” to be built on empathy, equality, solidarity, and … Freedom.
    Thanks for commenting.

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