Point of no return

“The point of no return is the point beyond which one must continue on his or her current course of action because turning back is physically impossible, prohibitively expensive or dangerous. It is also used when the distance or effort required to get back would be greater than the remainder of the journey or task as yet undertaken. A particular irreversible action (e.g., setting off an explosion or signing a contract) can be a point of no return, but the point of no return can also be a calculated point during a continuous action (such as in aviation).”

All along History, man tried to explain those mysteries around him. Natural ones first, in own’s society later.

First explanations were simple and primitive. Unexplainable events had imaginary causes: lightnings were caused by angry gods, eclipses were also expressions of gods mood. Superstition and religion walked hand in hand in the dawn of humanity.

Some individuals though, were quite not comfortable with those simple explanations and needed to go beyond. Those might have been the first scientists, AND PHILOSOPHERS. Let’s call them right from now “unbelievers”.

Later on, scientific field as well as philosophy in a broader context, both began the construction of a knowledge, which meant a significant reduction of the field for religion, keeping under it’s sphere mostly those issues that remained obscure for the reasoning and mind: life and death, origin of the Universe, and probably not many more.

These days, too many people are still trying to harmonize spiritual matters with scientific ones and objective knowledge, at least as not being incompatible. But the point today is the difficulty to establish the limit between one field and the other.

Evolution of societies and human organization changed radically in the last centuries, although the underlying structures of power remained the same. I’d say the main differences living in the XXI Century, with the past, are:

– Global scale of actions and consequences

– False notion of Democracy and self-government

– Butterfly effect: all of us are interconnected and interact with each other like it or not

– Tools and Technology – availability of information

– Speed of events

It’s true that the Welfare State will probably not come back again, not only for the current crisis but mostly because it was based on a neo-colonial structure, as well as on a global debt market. No one can believe anymore these days that Europe had the resources to provide itself its wealth.

But that’s a completely different approach to giving our lives in, as well as our chidren’s, for the excuse of a thorougly designed and deployed crisis.

We need to agree how we reached this point but just to find a common ground on what we need to to, i.e.: guarantee ourselves we follow – more or less – the same aims.

Nothing will change, if we keep on doing things the same as before.

It’s not a matter of voting right or left parties, it’s a matter of changing the rules of Democracy.

All of us must stop the continuity of this pantomime, even those who believe their governments are doing things ok. For the message must be loud and clear:

It’s US who constitute the Society, and they are OUR civil servants.

People (subjects) still living under “kingdoms” in Europe, no matter how proud they might be, should start thinking about this anachronism, and what an oxymoron means to have “constitutional monarchies”, but those living under democracies in the New Worlds (America, Africa, and APAC) must also think on the legitimacy of these systems.

When looking up “Society” in our modern dictionary, we find at the right hand side, a column related to Sociology, where the topics are as follows:

Cities · Class · Crime · Culture
Deviance · Demography · Education
Economy · Environment · Family
Gender · Health · Industry · Internet
Knowledge · Law · Medicine
Politics · Mobility · Race and ethnicity
Rationalization · Religion · Science
Secularization · Social networks
Social psychology · Stratification

All these “tags” are fine, but to me, one essential is missing, or at least, should be then, created: Management.

SOCIETY MANAGEMENT is the new paradigm we must pursue. And it must come for each and everyone of us. Individually. Not in groups, not in political parties, not in churches and religions, nor NGOs, but each one of us facing our own truth.

The mystery and complicated inquiries that society frames us, are nothing but a tough reality for the majority, like a puzzle shown in unconnected fragments, and even worse, a puzzle where the main pieces are being kept well hidden.

Here we are, racking our brains to solve the Rubik cube, and they are there, laughing their asses out at us, seeing how our bewilderment paralyses us, and makes us do what they want, vote what they expect, run in the direction of their benefits.

At this point, one might think the solution is walking away from society, but, ironically, it’s exactly the opposite: walking deeper in it.

This is a new responsibility, and does not come to replace other aspects of our lives, we’ll just have to add it to our everyday tasks. It ought not to be also deeper or harder to carry out than refueling our cars, or feed our pets, but we will must integrate it as another duty. We have been delegating (voting) our duties and responsibilities to thieves for a long time. We must turn the terms round. And if we find that we don’t have the courage enough to change Tradition and the current state of things, then we will have to bear with the consequences.

For in five years time, no strikes, riots, protests and occupations of squares and streets of any kind, will be of any use.

Thanks http://dung-cart.com/ for the images.


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