Let’s count how many …

Es más fácil que un camello pase por el ojo de una aguja a que un rico entre al Reino de los Cielos

I will earn not few opponents with this, I know. And for FREE!

Thursday nights have become awfully dull and boring, since they took “House” out from air. My and my wife’s best option yesterday evening was a documentary about wonders of the Universe.

Astonishingly, it suddenly became really interesting, when the narrator at some point started to unveil the discovery of “life” within ice masses. This discovery although being made on Earth, opened up unimaginable doors to extreme speculations. Europe, one of the moons of Jupiter, would apparently be covered with ice, and under that ice, oceans 100km deep.

The most amazing thought arose when, by means of an impeccable logic, the narrator came up with the conclusion that, obviously, there could be microbial life in Europe, and therefore, that should undeniably demonstrate that life was not originated on Earth.

What the documentary did not dare to say, was the following logical conclusion: God did not create life, at least as we’ve been told. It could well be said then, that life might have nothing to do at all with “a” God. But, if life is not depending on God, according to all human religions, then what would sustain the existence of God except, once more, a weakened faith?

I, however, will rescue just one thing from all religions, not to be pointed as a revolutionary person: mind your own life, and let others live theirs. But the truth is, I’m convinced, that camels, rich men and needles, as well as counting sheep to fall asleep, have become part of the culture of our childhood, as Society.

Will we ever grow up?


6 Responses to “Let’s count how many …”

  1. kzackuslheureux Says:

    I’m slightly confused at you point? Is it a matter of “live and let live?” Which I (still as a Christian) feel is lacking in our society just the same. Or was it a matter of life comes from ice, get over the “god idea?” One of my best friends is an atheist, I don’t mind, it’s his life, and he can role his eyes at me for my beliefs and who cares, their mine. So perhaps it’s that live and let live hypothesis you’re promoting here, or maybe you think it’s childish for us to believe in a creator? Who knows, no worries, I’m just a blond anyway.

    • Many thanks for visiting the blog, for reading and for commenting.

      I probably don’t realize I’m condensing too many thoughts in so few paragraphs.
      With “live and let live” I mean you shouldn’t care about others wealth, and you should only care about your own life. But unfortunately we are living all mixed together, and we are not islands.

      The other aspect is that in my opinion, and please, consider it as respectful of your beliefs as possilbe, religion has been a tool from the ruling classes for the poor to accept their destiny.

      Jesus dazzles me in this aspect, since I do believe truly in his commandment: “Love your neighbour….” but inmersed in our societies, that’s quite the same as saying: give in everthing you have, don’t fight to progress, don’t fight if you get raped (in the widest sense).

      With science pushing the limits, there’s each day less and less room to explain social issues with religion. Religion will only be left for your own personal matters. Churches (meaning institutions, not religions themselves), I hope will tend to dissapear, since they all took part in the domination frame imposed to mosts societies.

      I’m not against the idea of people believing in God, don’t even consider it “childish”, but what I do think is inmature is mixing your need to believe with social and supra-subjective issues. That’s the field I feel our societies must grow up.

      • kzackuslheureux Says:

        I can totally appreciate this. I too believe the catholic church was born out of greed to control the masses. It does not mean that every Catholic is greedy and controlling. I believe people will corrupt your science, just as people corrupt the purity of a loving God. Never does God infer us to smile at rape or any other crime, instead He stands for the victim and will judge those who attack the defenseless. (My opinion.) Thanks for yours. Best Regards.

  2. If we somehow agree with the idea of religion as a truly self-consumption, intimate, private and personal issue, then we have to ask (in Spain, e. g.) why is there an state financial support to one (at least -for the moment- we have not many!) of the religions (the mainstream one) that is -penny more, penny less- the same than goes to R & D & I: around €8,000 million (!).

    It becomes evident that those ‘nice principles’ belong to a ‘story-telling’: they are essentially false.

    This is the reason why people more belligerent at this purpose, like Dawkins et al are so needed: we ought not to give more room to (what are called) beliefs but to try and gradualy reduce it emphasizing by all reachable means that real progress for the mankind will come from nothing other than KNOWLEDGE and all what leads to it.

    And always is a good moment to reccommend reading the hyper-lucid works of Hitchens on this matter.

    • Many thanks for your contribution to this matter.
      I don’t think we need to consider “religion” as you defined it, as something to fight, but it’s mostly churches and religious institutions, what we should be address.
      I cannot express my opinion on the case of Spain (I’m not spaniard), although I have a very close feeling to the country. From what I express in this post and in the rest of the blog, you could easily deduce what my opinion is.
      We must also start to think about how is it that sounds so reasonable to include God in printed dollars.
      The mixture of faith, religion, economy, nation and currency, is actually explosive.
      Awfully, it always blasts in the hands of the same ones.

  3. […] has been discovered lately vast masses of ice in Europe, one of Jupiter’s moons, and more or less since four years now, it is known that there is an […]

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