We know it: there’s a leakage in our blood system.

We are constantly loosing blood, to the point where we cannot say whether it has become a desanguination already.

We faint sometimes, but then somehow we recover and keep on going. That gives us hope, which, let’s be honest, under the current circumstances, it’s more a curse than a blessing. For having hope will only make the bleeding last longer.

Like in the Middle Ages in Spain, a “diezmo” is still being paid both, to traditional Church and to the modern religion: Democracy. It actually even doesn’t matter to which “church” we pay our monies, as long as we keep on paying.

In the name of Democracy we keep on giving in everything we have. Under the weakness induced by hope, we prefer to maintain our faith and remain the same, instead facing our reality, and start to change.

Brothers and sisters, let me show you the actual looters, the leeches that are swallowing our blood, our lives.

But you know them already. What’s worse, you voted them.





2 Responses to “Bleeding”

  1. Ésta es -como dice la canción- una sala de espera sin esperanza…

    Pero tu metáfora ha resultado de lo más acertada e incisiva.

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