For the last two hours , I’ve been seeing on TV an ad showing how happy we are and how we can donate one day of our happiness to the 200 million kids dying from starvation.

Shocking and effective.

You just cannot help feeling guilty for the luck you had, and the misfortune of all those children doomed to death, just for having been born in the “wrong” place.

However, this is not the aspect I want to focus on. I’d rather aim at what I would call the “process”, and how some goals are pursued, and eventually accomplished.

I would like anyone to explain to me, why are there so many charity organizations doing the work they shouldn’t be?

Why are we accepting so easily that we are responsible for reverting the dramatic situation of the poorest countries in the world, BY OURSELVES, acquiescing to the fact that governments will never move a finger.

If we consent that, and we hold ourselves responsible for caring about others, then again, could anyone please explain to me:




Why are we being so aware of the need to donate part of our income, to build NGOs, to empathise with our poorest brothers, and yet still BELIEVE in our democracies, that time and time again, proved not to be true?

Why these issues arise in my mind on a Friday evening?


8 Responses to “Brotherhood”

  1. The Translator Says:

    As one manages to relax from his week obligations, the whatthehells use to emerge. It’s normal; happens the same way every night when we sleep. This is your weekendmare. This subject is so complex that I can barely scratch an explanation. This is -probably- what I think about (since, as you know, English isn’t my mother’s tongue):

    We’ve been stupefied for years by preaches like «less is more», «min is max» and all the califragilistic discourse of the technicians. As you know, technicians love to use semantic chains that “look” like the truth just because this chains are supported by numbers and derived from “creative” calculation; but real life doesn’t work exactly like math, so we’ve ended up living in this falsehood with the mask of truth.

    Now it’s hard to say who has the reason and who don’t since we are basically a bunch of economic ignorants, and we don’t want to look like stupids in confront with the technicians. Saddly, we must. And we must, not because we know a lot about Economy, but coz “we know” when we feel alright and when don’t, and with what kind of life, and so on. We are Humans, we know it all by intuition.

    we, the people that are not only aware of this phony and tricky game in which we’re living in, but also have the interest and the strength, and the intelligence, must think, brainstorm and redefine what the State’s original purpose must be. Then, looking at whatever conclusions we may have arrived, derive whatever logical scope the State must have. That’s to say: find the State’s Frame for The Most Basic Happiness. Coz that’s all what we very know: what makes us basically happy; and what don’t.

    State’s reduction was never meant to «improve» but to «outsource». That’s to say: a couple of guys reaping lots of stocks, and politics being unattached from the citizens and avoiding the real conflict.

  2. The problem is that this current State of Things leaves us in a paradoxical situation:

    If we do what we “feel” to make us follow that “Most Basic Happiness”, then it will make us also unhappy and have the certainty of being fooled by our so-called “representatives”.

    But if we try to think, discover, investigate and pursue some kind of “justice” and/or “order” in our societies (I’m not referring either to State, nor Private corporations, but Society as a whole), then we will see ourselves as losing grip from our own reality.

    Some times I don’t know why, I neatly remember studying Spanish Literature, the answer of a people before a court: “Todos a una: Fuenteovejuna”.

  3. The Translator Says:

    Psychologically speaking, it feels like being tired when what we really are is bored. Boredom brings apathy; that’s to say, the actual scenario. You don’t manage to understand the rules, you don’t play and whatever happens, happens. That’s why I propose to restart thinking about the basic concepts; my idea is that, first of all, we need to understand which comes to be the real game.

  4. The Translator Says:

    Hey! I’m setting up a new (bilingual magazine) that will just republish good quality material (according to my subjective view, of course) that may contribute to the kind of philosophical awakening I need to see in this #!$/#!% World. It’s called «New Perspectivism». So, I’ve been thinking about to ask you for some advice on bloggers that write in English and could be in the same frequency. It doesn’t have to be right now, but whenever you meet someone that’s interesting…

    The thing is being thought here:


  5. cromwellshead Says:

    Thought provoking Ricardo, as usual. My theory, return to the family as the main social unit. Small communities can and will look after themselves. My experience of charities is one of disgust. People put money in a box, they feel they have “done their bit”.
    “Activists” ie charity workers disable needy folk, they do not enable. After all, functioning communities and families look after their own. Result? No need for charities.

    Government, well my libertarian leanings think nothing of its present form. Bloated and self serving.

    Charity, as seen by the damnable UN, is an instrument of control. Abolish them all.

  6. John, thanks once more for commenting and for your compliments.
    Glad to share your opinions, I feel more and more each day, something like “live and let live/die/whatever for the rest…”.
    It’s not worth even discussing these matters anymore.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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