LA TABACALERA Self-managed Social Centre.

This afternoon was specially revealing for me, considering I’ve been in a social centre in Madrid, which most attractive feature to me is  that it’s self-managed.

It currently occupies a third of a huge abandoned building of around 300.000 sq. ft. There is no reception desk, no information point, there are no plans, no guides. You are on your own, to discover every corner, every work of art waiting to be seen.

I cannot assert to which extent it is actually “self-managed”, but I will find out.

It could well be the hub for a couple of interesting social-political projects.

Below, there are some images.

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Have a nice working week.


5 Responses to “LA TABACALERA Self-managed Social Centre.”

  1. The Translator Says:

    Just to say that I’m similing.

    • Why is that?
      Hope not in irony.

      • The Translator Says:

        Gosh, not at all! I was about to put just the smiley, but then I preferred to write it down. It’s like being cute without losing the straightness 🙂 or something.

        I love this kind of stuff. Seriously.

  2. cromwellshead Says:

    What a grand project Ricardo, thank you for making folk aware of it!

    • John, it was very surprising to find such a place. Last time I remember being in such an atmosphere was in the East End, along Brick Lane. (I wished the project was mine…. 🙂 )

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