It’s Saturday evening. I’ll make it short.

I actually don’t know what the exact expression in English would be since I’m not native speaker, but it’s quite possible that all of us, at a doctor visit, have heard the expression: “Take off your clothes”. And very improbable that any of us have not asked: “Everything?”

When we speak, the closer we get to extreme concepts, the higher the chance that expressions are not taken literally but as a metaphor in the best case, an euphemism in the worst.

When we say “Democracy” it seems that goes without saying (sorry for the repetition), that we are not talking of a  pure, perfect and ideal government system, but with some degree of distortion, which is well-known and, moreover, accepted.

When we say “CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility”, what are we talking about? Yes, yes, I know what it’s supposed to mean, but to which extent the “true” meaning of CSR corresponds to its’ “true” concept?

If we say “ethic banking”, isn’t that a contradiction in itself? How can a bank be sustainable in the financial market and still be socially “ethic”?

Referring to Health systems, just by including the term “health”  in its name, we give for granted that “Health” constitutes its’ main objective, and all other aspects are conditioned to that first aim.

I was referring to “second nature” patterns in our society in a recent post, but what is starting to deeply worry me, is how much of this “distortion” between concepts (and the terms used to name them) and reality, is becoming more and more “natural” each time.


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