Institutions vs. collaboration (Clay Shirky – vía Ted Talks)

Clay Shirky Institutions vs. Collaboration via TED TALKS

What is the discovery here, in this video recorded in 2005?

Beyond all the clever things Clay Shirky shows us, for me it would be the concept of too many “second nature” patterns.

What Clay Shirky is revealing with this and his other talks, are those aspects and/or environments of our lives, have been taken too long as “second nature”, because of our culture evolution point, our institutions, cost restrains, etc., etc. And because their duration in our cultures have been centuries and at least decades.

But since the acceleration in Technology and Internet are both changing the Paradigm as well as the landscape, all these second nature cultural environments are dissolving too. Sooner or later, the “traditional” ways of doing things will start vanishing to a great extent.

Like when the printing press appeared in our civilization, it meant a significant change in the development of societies as well as individuals. Industrial revolution also had a terrific impact in the way people used to live.

This age – I don’t know exactly how we could name it yet – is restructuring our societies from its very basis and is having significative impact in the individuals as in society as a whole as well.


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