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As Greece moves towards default, as France, Italy and Spain suffer credit downgrades, and as negotiations over last month’s fiscal treaty reach deadlock, the euro is heading for the rocks and the driving force is becoming clear. The real cause of the euro disaster is not France, Italy or Greece. It is Germany.

The fundamental problem lies not in the efficiency of the German economy, although that has contributed to the divergence in economic fortunes, but in the behaviour of German politicians and central bankers.

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6 Responses to “Hardcore stuff”

  1. cromwellshead Says:

    It is a failed experiment, now in its death throes. The peoples of Europe were never going to unite. It is nothing more than the creation of socialism, a collectivist utopia that stifles freedom and liberty.
    May it rot in hell.

    • It’s all based in economic interests.
      It’s origin was the European Coal and Steel Community – proposed by France and Germany, which, in time would spread to a broader range and integrate Italy and Benelux.
      I suppose it was also the only way to react to the bi-polarity of the Cold War between U.S. and U.S.S.R. and communist countries, acting as a single block. Now the world is infinitely more complex, and same as regions are demanding their autonomy, it could be well understood, that countries would do better outside the Union.
      There must be still some profit to Germany, to keep the UE glued and not letting go those countries in economic and financial devastation.

      • cromwellshead Says:

        I see it differently Ricardo. Revisionist history is lifting a veil on much of this subject and more. Maybe, just maybe the original aim was laudable in a continent torn by war. Many of the post war initiatives were directed by politicians who were ultimately left wing. These in turn directed by international banks who had very large debts to call in.
        I feel that WW2 was directed, Hitlers rise was stoppable, the British royals openly supported him, as did the CIA via Operation Paperclip. The Vatican, zionists, they all colluded.
        WW2 was actually, in my view, a case of international socialism versus national socialism.All part of the grand scheme to create a NWO.

        However, the present day reality. Germany. This country lies at the heart of Europe, it historically has caused much of Europe’s suffering. Stalin wanted to strip Germany of all industrial capacity and return it to an agricultural economy. He wanted to kill at least a 100,000 Germans as an example, Churchill stopped him at Yalta realising that would mean open war between east and west.

        Yes the EU, like Nato was a direct consequence of WW2. German industry was not destroyed by allied bombing and The Marshal Plan rebuilt what was. De Gaulle was anti British and saw a Franco – German alliance as a way of confronting Britain economically. His constant refusal to admit Britain to the then Common Market is evidence of his vitriol.

        Of course my stance is anti EU. Millions of my countrymen hate it with a vengeance, if polls are to be believed 73% of Britons want to leave it. Given the referendums of citizens of various countries, Ireland, Holland, France and the Danes did not want Maastricht. Many eastern countries now realise their folly, having replaced one bloc with another.

        I am sincere in my belief and conviction that this is a creation of evil, with evil intent. As Greece and Italy now find themselves ruled by technocrats. Unelected, unaccountable to the people and beholden to central bankers.

        Finally, war is their ultimate aim. Another world war. I know as do millions the agenda. However, I have faith in individual nations, by leaving these abominations, then and only then can ordinary people hold politicians to account.

  2. Many thanks John for your response. I’m not an expert in History in general, nor in European in particular.
    But I’m convinced it’s impossible to know where you are and what needs to be done, if you lack of the proper approach to History.
    As for current situation, I’m afraid we are about to witness the shaping of a deep transformation, which unfortunately, as you describe, has been developing for the last decades.
    I distrust the Arab Spring, as much as the “winds of change” that appear to be impusing Latin America in each country and as a whole block.
    I’m not so sure about the occurrance of a war, provided we speak of war as we already know it. Dominance today has more subtle and definitely more effective ways of control.
    Finally, these thoughts, and I’m sure this will be your case too, have nothing to do with my own personal situation.
    For the last four years, I’ve been frequently remembering the chinese curse about living interesting times.
    These times seem so.

    • cromwellshead Says:

      Thank you Ricardo, indeed we do live in interesting times.

      I pray fervently that mankind indeed finds a solution to all of its ills, as, I am sure we would all wish.

      Who knows where fate will steer us in the end? It is however a pleasure to journey with good folk like you.


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