Elites Pushing Class Warfare is Just Another False Paradigm

“Of course, those statements are hard to argue with and calling the ruling class “evil” will resonate with the masses.  But again, Soros is clearly in the ruling class 1%, so why would he, like Buffett, pretend they’re outsiders while stoking hatred toward themselves?”




2 Responses to “Elites Pushing Class Warfare is Just Another False Paradigm”

  1. cromwellshead Says:

    Thank you Ricardo. Soros is indeed an evil man. I fear for the mental health of such people, they border on totally psychopathic / sociopathic behaviour. This is the man who nearly bankrupted Britain in 1991. This is the Hungarian Jew who informed to the nazi’s on his own family and people.
    I could go on, but my emotions can turn objective commentary into a vile tirade against such as him.
    Evil does exist, the proof is there for all to see.

  2. You’re welcome John.
    I’m frightened of all the people who could not have or sustain any critical thought and result permeable to the speech of some human waste like this one.

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