From all of the videos going out these days, this one from Clay Shirky is particular unavoidable, because he again, frames the triangle through which Internet is producing society revolution. From this triangle, two of the vertexes are precisely the ones SOPA and PIPA acts are attacking:

CONSUME – ok, fine, go ahead!

PRODUCE – slightly dangerous for the industry

SHARE – the most dangerous for the industry

The easy thing to do he says:

call your representatives and congressmen to remind them that you are not thieves


The hard thing he is envisioning is:

Get ready for there’s more to come.

I say the hard solution is:







2 Responses to “STOP WHAT??????”

  1. cromwellshead Says:

    When we stop consuming mass market rubbish, for that is what 99% is, we make an individual statement. We also pay testament that they cannot enslave us via the internet. They may try, they may legislate, they cannot stop free thought and expression.
    This thought is original, unique and precious. From art to philosophy to activism. I see now Ricardo what you mean, thank you. In the short time I have known you, you have lifted a veil.
    I am aware that this new medium can have the effect of the Reformation.
    Freedoms are God given. No other has a right to take those freedoms away by any means.

  2. Many thanks John for your comment, although I don’t think it’s original at all, maybe just more appropriate at this time.
    On the other hand, I’m sure that you lifted the veil yourself.

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