Pissed off

Hell! NO!

I’m not saying I’m Mr. Obama. Let me off!

I’ve just got fed up with some people who don’t really what to discuss any topic, but just to express their opinion. And what’s more, at last you feel that they don’t even want YOUR opinion.

I was asked some days ago, about what I thought about the situation of the country XYZ.

We gave our impressions, but then I tried to point out that the macro-economic indicators showed that country XYZ was actually developing and growing at a very steady rate, and that the impact of external debt had severely been reduced, giving the country to make sound and sovereign decisions without interference from international credit organizations, and that previous debt had been “designed” and “created” without any real need, and bla, bla, bla …..

At this point, since my comment wouldn’t fit with what my interlocutor was expecting, instead of considering facts or engaging in a more interesting discussion about what those decisions would mean as a strategy for a country, s/he quickly went back to what s/he had “seen” and “perceived”.

I  realized that there was absolutely no point in insisting on trying to reveal a “truth” or “facts”, but just keep on exchanging our opinions, with which, all of us were happy enough.

Since we were not talking merely on fashion, or design, even on architecture, and, certainly opinions were as shallow as transmitted through the media, I preferred to withdraw myself from the “chat”.

Some months ago, I would have been disappointed, that people would avoid discussing society and political matters, to maintain their opinions, but this time I really got pissed off, for their “opinion” and “beliefs” are exactly the SOURCE FROM WHICH OUR SOCIETIES ARE BEING LED, THE REASON OF OUR SURRENDER, THE WEAK LINK FOR A POSSIBLE RESISTANCE, THE PILLARS OF OUR POLITICIANS BETRAYAL.

I so found myself, face to face, with the mind structure by which my destiny is being decided.

It’s redundant to say I did not like it at all.


7 Responses to “Pissed off”

  1. cromwellshead Says:

    This at first made me smile, then a familiar feeling came over me. A feeling of sadness. I value you opinion, you are another human being with a unique perspective. From that, I learn and can form further opinion or look at mine in another way, from another angle.

    When I talk to groups of people, it is by invitation. I am asked for my opinions. I have a rule, as much time is spent listening to others as talking to them. Debate is the foundation of our way of life.

    Voltaire taught us much, I admit to finding his view of defending another’s views appealing, even if I do not agree with them. I will even fight for their right to hold that view. Many have questioned my stance over the years. As a Christian I see rights as God given, they are indisputable and none negotiable. Governments grant privilege, not rights. A mans freedoms are none negotiable, sovereign and unique.

    As for certain individuals, well they are ignorant. I usually avoid these people like the plague. Unfortunately, the downside of the internet as a way of debating is the lack of human contact. I find good manners a great help when posting my views, it is sadly regarded as old fashioned by many and ignored.

    When faced with this Ricardo, these folk who are so sure of themselves, I find humility a great strength, for through this I find solace. Also forgiveness, but with the proviso if, and a big if, I include these people in my circle, they change their behaviours. Sadly many do not and they are best avoided.

  2. Apologies for taking so long to approve your comment. Working day, business as usual.
    It’s a pleasure for me to read your comments, in spite of the “lack of human contact” (what would this be then?).
    I found since march ’11, when I started the blog, an amazing amount of people with whom I realized had that fantastic feeling of empathy. Something I hardly found with people around me.
    If I should ask you something, that would be, please don’t change.
    Thanks for taking your time and commenting the post.

  3. Btw, about humility, in one of the few conferences I heard in the weekend, by Clay Shirky, he mentioned an astonishing fact: “we tend to think our successes are due to our merits, and failures due to circumstances (great so far), and usually it tends to be quite the other way round”(which is even greater).

  4. cromwellshead Says:

    Oh please do not apologise for not responding quickly! I am trying to answer correspondence from a year ago!

    Lack of human contact, well, I suppose I mean this is a machine really. If I cannot see a persons face I cannot gauge their reactions. I admit that many years ago correspondence by letter was the only way for many to communicate. I am part of that generation, this is new and exciting but has limitations.

    I live in a rural outback, miles from anywhere and can go days without talking to another apart from my wife, of course she says I just grunt. I belong to a small circle who meet weekly, my talks are given monthly and I travel great distance for those. That, I suppose is my point. I have records of people walking fifty miles to listen to a man called John Wesley, now with television and the net would anyone perform such a feat?
    The power of oratory is a wonderful thing to me, to hear a voice is to be able to gauge the sincerity of the speaker about his subject. Perhaps I am being a little romantic or nostalgic.

    As for your quote of Mr Shirky, how true.

  5. cromwellshead Says:

    I agree to a point, I oft ask folk “what if your internet is taken away”?

    I think we go full circle Ricardo, yes it can and does help and, given time, will revolutionise how we make decisions.
    Myself, well, I keep all my options open 🙂

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