Ten days to radically change your mind …

And your politics, and your strategy, and your commitment to your electors, and your commitment to democracy.


Translation of the post:

“McCoy has gone mad.” On many occasions I have heard this mantra after the post I published as soon as government of Mariano Rajoy was known, in that press conference with no questions on 21-D, evoking adverse times, long live democracy.The central thesis was twofold:

On the one hand, it is almost impossible country’s democratic regeneration lead by new ministers, most of which have been installed permanently in government offices and / or politics, some continuously, some with interruptions. The apparent strength of the human capital chosen for this trip, the mysterious bags were not needed so much though, can not avoid the real risk Italianization of our democracy, understood as a detachment between leaders and voters. It happens that what citizens consider privileges, are just benefits associated with current performance for them. The measures on Friday, absent of references to administrative waste and duplication would be the first test of nine of the mood, waiting for future events. Roberto Centeno can be read on the subject. Or the news of Alberto Mendoza today on the maintenance of parliamentary committees of ministries despite the cuts.

Furthermore, the absence of a single economic leadership, and the dissemination of its powers in four ministries, herald portend problems in a time when unity of speech, primarily to the outside, is essential. A mistake of Zapatero that the legislature did not correct with the change of sign, to the point of separation of ministries in an almost identical, except for the strange fusion of the Treasury in Public Administration. We have seen in the early days of government, with the friction between De Guindos and Montoro, while the assumption of that role by the president is, so far non-existent. One example is the press conference last Friday.

A weird appearance by the number of speakers and, above all, for the content of the first initiatives of the government, which represent a flagrant violation of a star campaign promise: the renunciation of tax increases in order to safeguard growth Spanish economy. Failure is so striking that, just as we remembered yesterday Antonio España, can only be understood from the perspective that there isn’t a single euro in the cash-box and pull the necessary withholding for the machinery to keep it running. Shock or death. I’d almost rather …

However, even if it was so dramatic that cause, something is rotten in the ad. If  the headlines we used by that time about the lies of Rajoy and easements could be exagerated, now seems clear that this heading was not so far from the latter character’s ultimate intentions, who took so little time forget his own ideology in the purest “two years to legislate blood, two to heal the wounds of the electorate”. Because the set of oddities is remarkable. Let’s see if not.

There is a thing called the State Audit Office shows, in record time, a deviation from the deficit of 20,000 million euros. Being as it is the Administration’s internal auditor, responsible to ensure that the information provided is reliable, or had not previously done their job, or is now, when skating and, therefore, some heads should roll. His speed, when the next Annual Report will be released will be for the year … 2009, is striking. Unless we take as valid that their independence is a joke and is subject to the interest of the incumbent government propaganda. Which brings us to a point of criticism of the new executive: where is the feedback?

It may be that such an exercise of discovering the “holes” is due precisely to the invaluable collaboration of the autonomous communities as primarily responsible for their origin. Some entities that, bingo, are mostly in the hands of the Popular Party from local and regional elections last May. It is feasible to believe that he had prior knowledge of that 2% ghost just appeared and, therefore, the certainty of the need to act on it. Another thing would be how, in any case require tax measures … the rise. The election speech would have been, therefore, one designed to win votes Paripe where the truth becomes a tool for use at will in the light of developments. Nothing changes.

Surprisingly, the result of many months of reflection, in which the least that could require Rajoy was to have a clear map of the situation and potential remedies, as this is a punishment to the middle classes, the only ones who can not escape fiscal action of the Administration. It starts at that point, and ends like in Argentina. I wonder if there Galician stopped to think that there are 250,000 million euros in Spain to avoid paying taxes, economy, and the 6,000-odd million of additional income provided by income tax or property tax account for just 2.5 % of that amount. The risk-return investing in technology, data matching, and human resources to combat this scourge seems enormous. And yet, he limited the hiring of new staff, only in these areas. 

Finally, if the situation is so dramatic as to justify a proposed and agreed on Friday, the face of less-political-of-all throughout the hearing Guindos was a poem, it would have been sensible the appearance of  who has put the economy on its back and is forced to, one, answer to their voters and the rest of the Spanish of why the breach of his pre-election ideas and two, as president appeal joint sacrifice for the common good without temporal field references a doubtful and from the conviction that if this is the beginning of the beginning, as Soraya said, citizens must know what they face. Mariano did, however, remained silent. It seems like a good recipe to encourage consumption and create jobs, cut and purchasing power to frighten. Unless, and return to the beginning, the strategy of the threat is aimed at strengthening the role of the state, with its perks and privileges, against the citizen.

We will see how everything progresses. For now, the few government initiatives against the convenience premium consistency. Unfortunately. We are at the beginning of a long road but begins in surprising ways. Hopefully this astonishment is the exception not the norm. If you subsidize the unproductive and safeguarding the corporate umbrella used, bad going. Spanish Juan has enough with his own. With basic goods affected by the rebound in agricultural and energy commodities, the price of physical and financial assets on the ground, high debts and unable to refinance and an uncertain labor horizon, waiting to give joy to your Macarena body is almost impossible. Now rely on structural reforms, but one begins to wonder if it’s not to trust too much …


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