FAO Three Wise Men:

Dear Sirs:

These are my wishes for 2012:

– Let us be more strict with ourselves and with those who rule us, even when things might appear to be “tailwind”.
– Let’s keep on having fun, but let’s hit our leaders where it hurts the most: our vote.
– Let’s think Democracy today, 2012, doesn’t have to mean risking a vote to last 4 years, and worth less than smoke.
– That same as we use technology to share, be connected in networks, buying whatsoever, let’s demand the same technology to manage our societies, in a transparent way. The dark room must not be a temporary cubicle in a school anymore.
– Let’s realize the power we have as critical mass of civic population, and develop our capabilities, innovating whatever is needed, so these 200 year-old democracies are refreshed from their essence.
– Let’s trust in our instinct.
– Let’s have courage to stand our ground.
– Let’s conceive another possible Society.

For “they”, by themselves, WILL NOT CONCEDE IT TO US.


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