New Year’s fireworks?

Not by far. It’s the launching of a missile.

Missiles have sophisticated guidance and control systems, that make them hit the target with 100% accuracy. Once the target is acquired by even more sophisticated equipment, the projectile is fired and led into a trajectory  that has already been set. Then, the only thing between the launching base and the target, is the distance to be covered by the rocket.

In the middle of its flight, the missile does not receive almost any inputs from outside and slight corrections to the path are only introduced by the built-in tracking system itself. The amazing speed of its propulsion prevents the object to change direction.

All this foreword just to have that image in mind, that once the button is pushed, there’s hardly anything else to do, but to wait for the destruction of the target.

In our societies, government and establishment in general, proceed quite like a missile launch. Once power is taken, by any kind of government, being it of a country or a corporation, no changes in the direction can be made, or even considered, under the risk of total failure in the accomplishment of the mission. We are induced to believe that any objection and/or question to the pre-set trajectory will jeopardize the success of the mission.

Nothing as far from reality as this notion. The only mission not to be accomplished if objectives, aims, targets and obviously, trajectory, are subject to review are exclusively those of their own interest and benefit.

We are definitely not living on a ballistic missile. We are living and BUILDING our own society. Cruise speed MUST be determined by society issues and interests and both SPEED and DIRECTION, CAN and MUST BE ADJUSTED AS NECESSARY AND SUITABLE.

Let’s take control of our own weaponry. Will you accept that responsibility?

We’ll be asked about what we have done, by future generations.


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