My discouraging 2012 (and beyond) forecast

What is so shocking about a plane crash?

I’d say probably, the fact of a sure death for all the occupants. I’d also point out the horror factor, of too many passengers dying at the same time, in one of the most horrible possible deaths. At last, but not least (since most of us are used to flying by plane), it also hits us the idea that us being in a plane crash, IS A POSSIBILITY.

On the other hand, let’s quickly take a look at the reasons for safety measures and why so many regulations tend to avoid accidents and crashes.

For sure, aviation in general, and commercial aviation in particular, is characterized by the fact that any accident in the air, is 99% due to become a tragedy. So, thanks to maintainance routines and strict regulations, hundreds of thousands of people fly everyday, without risking their lives.

But what strikes me is the question I then ask myself, that if we are shocked by a catastrophe of hundreds of victims in a plane crash, how is it that we keep on living knowing the current crisis is casting loads of people outside the structure of employment, education and health.

How can anyone understand the hipocrysy of being frightened by images like the one at the top of this post, and yet, don’t react knowing the forecast that future generations will be doomed to an utterly fragile life, with little or any options to decide for themselves their own lives.

What have we been taught? That we vote our Governments? That Society issues are decided by the majority? Or even worse, that we deserve this crisis, and now we need to be punished? How can we be so stupid?

Meanwhile we get scared to death when our plane goes across a simple turbulence.

The truth is that air travel is not safe for the value of human lives. Many more are lost everyday due to things like obesity, lung cancer, poverty, famine, dispair, depression, caused to a great extent by our society.                                                                                                    Air travel is safe ONLY for the sake of the business.

We have got what we deserve.

Happy 2012!!


2 Responses to “My discouraging 2012 (and beyond) forecast”

  1. A plane crash is shocking in that it is a rarity in numbers and as you rightly state – it makes us aware of our vulnerability as a passenger and that death is an almost inevitable consequence.

    I do not see hypocrisy in being shocked by images of a plane crash and our acceptance of the current crisis and all its ramifications on our life – we can change neither.

    If we were not moved by the image of a plane crash – that would be shocking. We do react to the possible future where there are no guarantees that we will be in employment, and that our health and education may be compromised, in that we adapt our circumstances.

    Whether we voted for whatever government that may be in power – or did not – once elected they have no need for us. That is the plain simple truth and is so-called democracy and in voting, electing we give permission for those elected to decide our lives.

    We are only stupid if we believe the pre-election garbage that suddenly life will be wonderful – I do not believe that any of us are stupid enough to think that we deserve this crisis.

    Sadly the requirement of a business sector is vital in that we all need to earn to live and business must be self-interested to survive.

    Death comes to us all in whatever shape or form and sadly this is a fact of life.

    On a lighter note – here’s hoping that you have a happy 2012!

    Anna :o]

    • Anne,

      First of all, thanks for taking your time in commenting, and thanks for giving your point of view.

      Certainly, I’m not referring to you, nor me, but to many, many thousands of people who will suffer from a brutal and arbitrary uncertainty. Namely, future generations all across U.S. and Europe.

      I chose the example of plane crashes, because to me, it’s so evident that gives us a clue of how we react to death of others, and how we react (slowly, fearfully, cowardly), to a hijack of our own society.

      I’m sure we will all adapt one way or the other, but it’s not fair that we must adapt just to the benefit of a few. That is what I call hypocrisy, for a plane crash is actually unavoidable, and no one gets profits from it (at least not intentionally) but I’m not sure why we accept so quietly and resigned this crisis as a natural catastrophe. There are responsibilities and none has been claimed to their respective holders.

      My best wishes and happy new year to you too!!


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