Christmas struggle

It’s a feeling quite difficult to avoid. I know. And apologize for keeping on pushing the thing forward.

Christmas puts you in a mood that does not allow you to continue with your everyday fight against the absurd, maintain the rational critisism, attack and defend from enemies. Instead, these days impose everyone a period of hope, wishes, desires, love (or the wish of love), and make all of us, put our weapons down.

I, however, try to combat this emotional force, the notion that just for a few days, we can postpone the battle. I still remember quite well my last Christmas in my country, back in December 2001. Turmoil, financial and bank lock-out, protests on streets, people killed, a president escaping in helicopter from the “Casa Rosada”.

No, please no. Don’t allow the “Spirit of Christmas” abandon your convictions, even for a single day. Let’s think we can be happy and oppose resistance at the same time.

This is my very wish for this Christmas. Happy Christmas to everybody.



2 Responses to “Christmas struggle”

  1. It is possible to enter the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ without abandoing your ideals. The ‘Spirit of Christmas’ should also stay with us the year round for perhaps the world might be a nicer place then?

    Merry Christmas!

    Anna :o]

  2. Thanks for your commet Anna!
    Merry Christmas for you too.

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