Full Analysis: The Instability of Inequality

“This year has been characterized by social and political turmoil and instability throughout the world, with masses of people in the real and virtual streets protesting: The Arab uprising and revolts; the recent riots in England as well as the earlier protests there against pension cuts and higher tuition fees; the Israeli middle class protesting high housing prices and the squeeze from high inflation; Chilean studentsconcerned about education and jobs; the vandalism of the expensive cars of “fat cats” in Germany; Greeks demonstrating against fiscal austerity; India’s movement against corruption; the deadly riots in China’s globally integrated eastern provinces in reaction to corruption, inequality and illegal land seizures as well as similar complaints in the Chinese blogosphere where the Chinese can more freely express their dissatisfaction with government policies; and now the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in New York and across the U.S. While these protests don’t have a single unified theme, they express—in different ways—the concerns of the working and middle … ”



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