Towards a purely ethical behaviour

The Military promises you the Glory, should you die in combat.

Politicians promise you that everything will change.

Major parties promise you solutions, minor parties promise you utopias.

Companies promise you that if you make efforts, “we” will move forward.

Campaigns encourage you to start business and deal with risk , but big companies shut off all the valves dry.

Religion promises you Heaven and eternal life.

I would be religious if only religions could have an honest background.

I don’t share the approach that your behaviour in life should be such, so as to deserve a prize of eternal life, at the end of it.

Only truth should be at the beginning of any belief.

The notion of death is simply unbearable for the human being. It goes beyond any rational conception. Therefore, the only way religion finds to fight desperation is deceiving, promising you the inexistant: Heaven.

I only keep from Christianism the idea of loving your neighbour as yourself. Hard enough to achieve.

I don’t think we should support ethics on the idea of a redemption in Heaven, after we die. It weakens completely any principle of behaviour and of course, the freedom of choice.

Brotherhood cannot be sustained neither in fear, nor in the pursuit of a reward, even if it’s in the most spiritual sense. There is no conviction or ethics in such pattern. Only a balance in the exchange terms, between what you give and what you get.


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