Modern times rock ‘n’ roll

I tend to believe that the virtual world, specially the Web 2.0, has enabled and increased the creation of a social network, in the true meaning of the expression, not referred to Twitter, Facebook and so on … . Even many different parallel and overlapping networks, arise thanks to which, things like subscribing to someones’ blog, Facebook and any other way of communication, are possible.

Then, I happen to read of examples along History, that demonstrate to me, there have always been strong bonds of communication between people with common interests and/or empathy, in spite of the physical distance, which makes me wonder if Technology hasn’t only had that multiplying effect, in quantitative terms, and not changing the essence of human relations.

Finally, I relieve myself thinking that in my particular case, without all these virtual channels, that allow me to stay in touch with people from many different places in the whole world, exchanging thoughts in such a seamless, natural and instant way, these bonds wouldn’t have been possible.

As the chinese curse says, we are living “interesting” times.

We are getting to know slowly but surely, that we have been deceived, used, cheated, even mocked at. And that growing certainty of our condition, is paradoxically and directly proportional to the increasing uncertainty about our future as a Society, as well as individuals.

Some of us will find shelter in religion. Some in more prosaic stuff like booze or smoking. Some of us, are retrieving Philosophy and critical thought as a powerful strategic weapon to counteract the immense amount of rubbish we receive at any hour, every day.

Definitely, there are very few things we can hold on to, in these changing and distressful times.

To me, our relationships, even in the virtual world, are one of them.


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