“We’ll have to eat something…”

Different from the physiological need of feeding, the exercise of civic duties shouldn’t be characterized by inevitability, since we are talking also about a right, at the same time. Those who understand these rights as a gymnastic practice that has to be put into action no matter what, and beyond any reflection or alternative way of doing things, can well be considered taking Society as a religion itself.

Following the commandment “You must vote”, assuming it’s the only way to engage with Society, is closer to a dogma rather than following one’s own principles.

The voting in Democracies is viced in so many ways since the very beginning of modern nations, that our only strength is to keep our power on our own vote. That’s the way we validate or reject the policies and politicians, corruption and collusion, if they are not being consequent with the mandate they’ve been given.

Even worse, seeing vote as an oportunity but only when it’s positive, is running the risk of putting vote under a “compulsive” condition, from which, we know already, some will surely make great profits.

It catches my attention that the Catholic Church which encourages sexual abstention as the only contraception method, does not preach the same strategy, but referred to practising CIVIC FREE WILL.

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