The subtle and sweet charm of slavery

We’re living times of indifference and indolence before the modern and sophisticated methods of slavery, to create profit.

This structure and conception (which many times is even regarded as “natural”, since it’s not doubted), applies to all fields and environment of human society. From some men to other men, but even to children and, how could not it be, to animals.

Dolphins cannot escape to this framework of abuse.

We know they resemble us in so many ways, we praise their intelligence, we like them for being so cheerful, playful, powerful and – useful-.

The shows feature that subtle, sometimes imperceptible, difference between collaboration and coordination between free beings and a relationship of training to gain subordination to man in order to achieve certain ends.

We are astonished with the skills and abilities of dolphins, probably topping the performance its most when the trainers (and this is said with any euphemism), climb on to them, use them as jumping platforms or just take advantage of them as a means of towing.

However, it’s the “paid-show” condition, and the presence of spectators admiring the circus’s atmosphere, that change the rules of the game into servility for an economic purpose, even for the praiseworthy goal of dolphins’ getting their own sustenance, in a “pleasant” and “productive” captivity.

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