The beginning of something?

Protests rising in Wall Street, are coming in the end (after Arab Spring, Syntagma Square and Sol), to the place where, in my opinion, should have started. The dark maneuvers carried out by the credit rating agencies (of which many are now under scrutiny of the SEC for faults to be investigated), may have been at the origin of the global financial crisis, and the driver of banking and wealth distribution re-structuring process afterwards.

The most important outcome of all these events, ought to be an awareness of the faked, and a pursuance of a real independency of Society government agents from markets and corporate lobbies, to respond to the common interests, under people’s mandate. Although it’s quite difficult to imagine how this process could be developed, at least we are beginning to see a light at the “entrance” of the tunnel. We must first make a decision if we want to cross it, and then, just start to cross it.


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