What’s the proposal for the new society?

I’m talking about the Society you and I are contributing to build.

They (but wait …. who the hell are they? well ….. we know already) might want to impose strict concealed regulations in the flow of wealth in the world, in a way that, just by manipulating the gauge, they control our quality (quality??) of life, no, not the quality but OUR LIFE.

Under this new perspective we will have to consent one of the following options:

a) Resign ourselves and realize that, actually, it has always been like this, only that until now, they had not been THAT GREEDY.

b) Become aware that we might, possibly, have something to say (and eventually, DO).

We are being lied on our faces day after day, but the most violent side of this is that we should accept that deception with the widest smile.

We are being asked either to go to the slaughterhouse with a stupid smile, under the argument that it is our destiny. Vast portions of society are either simply – redundant, or being kept alive, but again, with a stupid smile. This smile is slightly different than the previous one, since it hides the anxiety that you won’t know when it’s going to be your turn.

Meanwhile, with that fixed smile – like a curse you can’t get rid of – you avoid looking at your sides, your neighbours, your relatives, your friends, who, to a greater or lesser extent, are suffering the same depreciation than yourself.

This is an ideal time for entrepreneurship, for challenging your own limits, for breaking through.

Don’t get fooled. Those who are preaching are just expecting you to give in every single remaining penny you might have. What they are conveying is that you shouldn’t need precisely what they want from you. It’s a concealed order for you to turn yourself in.

Take a look around.

Take a minute to think.

Is this what you want?


2 Responses to “What’s the proposal for the new society?”

  1. Have you ever hear of a (‘conspiracy’) researcher called Freeman? He made a great video the other day about ‘where we’re at’ right now – and where we might choose to go from here.

    The message may sound a little simplistic at first (in that cringeworthy 60’s kind of way) but don’t be put off by any initial prejudices. He builds up to make many acute observations and extremely wise points. (FWIW the guy did predict 9/11 … he knows his stuff!)

    My take on it is that when you start to look beyond the simplistic mass media manufactured consensus world view you find layer after layer of added complexity. And it’s easy to imagine the ‘solution’ must somehow mirror that complexity.

    But there is no actual *reason* why it must!

    If you’re sitting in a chair and it starts to get dark, does an in depth knowledge of skeletal/ musculature mechanics, the human nervous systems and its relationship with brain function and the workings of the inner ear help you get up and walk across the room to switch on the light?

    Might this vast knowledge actually become more of a burden or a distraction **if you tried to use it** to accomplish such a practical task?

    One of my favourite analogies is that we are caught in a game of tug’o’war with the so called ‘global elite’ pulling one way and everyone else pulling the other. But the ‘elite’ have a giant mechanical winch machine thingy with a huge powerful engine and legs bolted firmly to the ground. And so no matter how hard we pull we keep losing ground.

    How can we possibly win against that kind of an opponent?!

    The answer is of course to simply let go of the rope and walk away… 😉

    And imagine how naturally and easily this answer might come to us IF the rope ever went completely slack for even a minute or two. How long would we all just stand there holding a slack rope and gazing at the trees and birds in the distance, before someone shouted out,

    “Pulling a rope is a rubbish way to spend all your life. Anyone fancy a pint?”

    But now imagine how hard it would be to even think of dropping the rope and walking away if the rope was always taught and always trying to pull us over. From cradle to grave.

    “Let go??? – Are you MAD???!! We’re lose that 12 yards of ground we made last year when they did maintenance on the winch! It’ll all have been for nothing! No way am I letting go!”

    The game is designed to keep us in the game. To keep us all attached to the rope like fish hooked onto a long line.

    Imagine real fish (with an entire ocean to swim about in) shouting,

    “Quick, grab onto the line folks, and don’t let go! They’ve just started up the winch on the boat….. just remember we can win this if we all hang on tight and don’t let go…”

    Er… yes quite.

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