WTC attacks as a World Human Society issue

I’m not North American. However, today my feelings are with U.S.A. people.  Besides 9/11 has not only affected the U.S.A., but the whole rest of the world, as well.

Today, North Americans will receive words of empathy, expressions of sympathy, sorrow and compassion, from people in almost all countries in the world.

But my feelings are being biased by the need of truth. Although having not lost any relatives, I’ve also been subject to the new strict security measures imposed since 2002 in every single airport, for every single flight, to every single passenger. We’ve been taken a great amount of our freedom, and I’m not convinced it was for a true reason.

I feel sorrow for every single dead person, either in the towers, in the airplanes that hit the towers, in the Pentagon, or dead of cancer for breathing asbestos in the air, when downtown of NYC was declared “secure” to return.

I feel empathy for every relative to the dead of the previous paragraph. I feel their need for truth, their need to know why their beloved ones were taken away from them.

North Americans have been involved in a new war against far away countries, under the pressure of an official version, that Islam Terrorism was now the new threat to replace the U.S.S.R. and countries behind the Iron Curtain.

They have lost lives there.

They are still losing lives.

Is their destiny actually in their hands?


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