Team sports

I hate team sports, but not any team sports. In particular those involving one team competing against other, and moreover when both teams share the same field.

It doesn’t have to do with teams (that’s fine with me, although I have other comments regarding “teams” and groups between people). It’s more about attitude, behaviour, frame of mind and outcome.

I’ve recently posted my thoughts about groups between dolphins – called pods, and how almost every activity between members of a pod, is social, is being carried out in groups. They also “play” in groups, but not as far as I know, in opposite teams.

My conclusion is that dolphins must have deeply inside their brains, the awareness that they can only survive if they are ALL together, if they have a solid and collaborative network, in which none of the members can do without any other member. Why would that be? My hypothesis is that every action, every behaviour is driven by the single fact of survival. They breath with lungs, and although much more expanded that human beings, they also have a limited time they can spend underwater without breathing.

Any accident, any circumstance in which a member of a pod, might result delayed in breathing (even sleeping, that’s why they only take naps by half brain in turns), it would mean death.

They are quite like scuba divers, you don’t see divers discussing or competing against each other when under water. That’s too risky.

Back to the sports and games, I feel that we are so secure and confident on ourselves that we allow ourselves to “fake” a battle, with fake enemies, with fake triumphs and fake defeats. And of course, fake casualties.

Sports like football, rugby, handball, even water-polo, require that both teams “fight” against each other. One will inevitably win, the other will unavoidably lose. But that is not like in tennis or volleyball, where teams are separated by a net. All players mingle in a dynamic of game that resembles dangerously to a battle in a war. There are even true injuries during matches, by accident of course, but as a result of certain degree of violence.

These sports, not only have a role to the true participants, i.e.: the players. When instead of playing them, we watch them, they also have a social role, which is not the obvious and mere one of entertaining. It’s much more like a catharsis, where that aggressiveness against the opponent is unleashed to let off steam, in part of the game itself, but mostly from the real life. We know how this works.

So, what next? Awareness. Let’s try to stay away from these fictions that distract us from thinking how things are actually going and working. Taking action will be much more complicated and will need a very sharp vision to define a strategy and possible tactics.

We are just pawns, but thanks to technology, we can now communicate between us ALL OVER THE WORLD, and that is something REALLY NEW in the 5.000 years of History of Man.

We are living interesting times (Ancient chinese proverb, in fact, a curse….).


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