Number-based violence

The question that arises has a history as archaic as two peasants engaged to club a third party to take away hunting, harvesting or the female friend. Millennia later, with the emergence of the “rule of law”, we run the risk of being robbed or insulted, but this possibility is greatly reduced, thanks to the deterrent and punitive effect of law. We see how morality – it is considered wrong for a man to use violence to deprive another of his goods – leads to a natural law that states move to their legal system. The exception, the survival of the original state of the beast, is when this violence is exercised impersonally by the entity that monopolizes the state. It is the only socially acceptable form of violence, if we understand as such, be stripped of your home, business or means of survival because of the bad decisions of our rulers. There is no room, even in extreme cases of ineptitude like ZParo*, to deny the relationship between these causes and the devastating effects on economic matters we suffer. Nor can it be admitted that there is no violence, no intention, as there are many international organizations, private institutions and experts who anticipated the damage that would lead these specific actions. In any case, if it’s considered violence to put you finger in the eye of somebody else, it also has to be, to ruin you and doom you to poverty. This is number-based violence, the violence unleashed by a society that believes that “truth” is the majority opinion. That society who believes that everything is acceptable, whether we took part or not, in the wrong choice of leaders, we must suffer meekly the consequences of their actions as if it were a natural disaster. If once the supremacy of force justified to be subdued, now is the convention, the impunity of the number.

I condemn you, infect masses, ignorant, sterile, you who need foreigners and immigrants, to continue your lineage. You are insignificant, unimportant as individuals, beings once, now remains, when you gather as a single force, you’re the plague that ravages the land, you don’t know, you do not see the harm caused by your very existence. You have given credits of “nature” to the absurdity, incoherence, because reasoning would remind you that you are slaves, slaves to the financial powers that, thanks to your decrepitude, proceed to subjugate the rest of us in your pseudo-democracy, the tyranny of numbers.

*Impossible to translate. Condensation of ZP (Zapatero, current President of Spain) + Paro (unemployment)

Original post in Spanish


2 Responses to “Number-based violence”

  1. Your post was stirring and poetic, but I am left with some questions.

    What do you suggest the masses do instead of “suffering meekly”? Where on the spectrum that runs from passivity to violence should they place themselves? Should they merely wait until the next election and vote someone else in … should they demonstrate peacefully in the streets … should they demonstrate violently … should they take up arms against the government … what?

    And what do you propose instead of that “tyranny of numbers” that is called democracy?

    I enjoyed your post and I’m sure I’ll enjoy your further thoughts as well. 🙂

  2. Hi, TB,

    Many thanks for your comment.
    I must say it’s not mine,although it expresses quite well my thinking.
    I’m afraid the answer is not simple nor easy to achieve, but surely, some things must change.

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