I ‘ll start this post with a politically incorrect statement: it’s really a pleasure to get drunk. That’s it, I’ve said it. But now, let me explain.

I’m not intending to develop all the biological process that takes place when you drink too much, but only focus in the effects. I feel I’m the kind of person that when drinking beyond limits, I turn myself into a cheering one. I laugh a lot, I even say all kind funny things. I obviously feel relaxed, and enjoy the time. But even in the best of cases, we all know what follows the next day.

Same happens with cigarettes. I started smoking late (at 37) and I kept on doing it because I liked it, I wasn’t following a social pattern. It was a pleasure (I say “was” for I quit smoking 7 years later). But didn’t like the “smell” on your hair, hands and clothes and most of all, the throat sore.

I never been on drugs, but I assume there must be very similar processes, at the peak of (false) satisfaction and the bitter “after taste”.

My next statement is not new, that many social behaviours and activities, act quite like alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs, starting with religion, but following with massive sport events (football, american football, baseball, and so on), Television, Computer games (exception made for flight simulators … 😉 ).

All of them, when you do without, will let you with a sense of emptiness you won’t know what to fill with.

Usually, we grab the quickest solution: more of the same “medicine”. 

Lately, all of us, one way or the other, are quite discouraged, disappointed, angry at the way the system (whichever it is: Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy), not only gives prizes to those who failed to prevent the current crisis, but mostly delivers “punishments” to the rest of Society, as being mostly responsible for the catastrophe. And in spite of this, we keep on voting the same corrupt politicians, under the same election system, with the same (already known) results.

So, to make a long story short, just to avoid the hangover effect, to try to elude the unpleasant moment of emptiness (which will last until we find what really fulfills ourselves), we keep on drinking, smoking, voting, going to church, and searching all kind of therapies.

But life is what you make it, there are no short-cuts, no mitigating crutches, to make it easier for you to find your own way.

You/we MUST put yourself/ourselves to work on it, as soon as possible.


7 Responses to “Hangover”

  1. I agree with the cigarettes. As much of a pleasure they are, I am not willing to pay the price of bad breath, smoky hair and other unpleasant things!

  2. I like your posts… and feel lot similar to you and what you feel.
    I love flight simulator (but don’t play often), same with piano….
    I’ve been addicted to some things in the past, always watching the positive aspect of it (cheerful, etc..), but alcool, cigarette and drugs are toxic and damage our body. I’m sad in my country (Swizterland) they want to legalize the usage of drugs. Even the UN says it’s not good to do it !
    by the way, in Eden, we were created without these things, so one day we should be able to live free and happy without substitutes of paradises…

    Many greetings,

  3. Hi Michel!

    Thanks for commenting and I’m glad that we share many thoughts.

    There are lots of substitutes more, we hold on to: affection, sex, food, anything that give us satisfaction to compensate the struggle that life means.
    No one, and even less Religion and/or Society prepares us to face our own life in terms of autonomy. That is not convenient. So we constantly receive little “candies” to make our lives easier.
    Some are more evident, some are more subtle.
    When we vote, it seems we are excercising a right, but in reality, we are validating our own disgrace. I feel terrible every time I mention this, but there is no other way to recover our own freedom. We are captive (when I wrote the post “Hostages” there had just been an election in Spain, and although I’m not spaniard, I felt exactly the same I felt every time in my own country).
    I don’t even think there is a separation between developed and emerging countries. Only that in developed societies, there’s more distribution of wealth, a bit more of autonomy, but in reality, we are all under the same opressive structure.

  4. >> …just to avoid the hangover effect … we keep on … going to church…

    I saw an article today last listed the 10 states out of the 50 here in the USA that have the highest rates of clinical depression. I then went to a Gallup Poll to find which of our 50 states are the most religious.

    What I found did not surprise me. Of the 10 most religious states, 5 of them were also on the list of most depressing states. Of the 10 *least* religious, only 1 was highly depressed.

    There’s no way to tell if religion causes depression, or the other way around, but one thing is clear: religion does not *cure* depression.

    >> But life is what you make it, there are no short-cuts, no mitigating crutches, to make it easier for you to find your own way.

    Yes. In fact, the fewer crutches you carry, the easier it is to walk!


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