Benedicto XVI

Yesterday, I found myself in a very awkward situation.

Having got to the office in my car in the morning, I wasn’t aware that the Pope would make his city tour right along the street where my job is. When I had to leave, I realized I wasn’t allowed to, however it would only take a few minutes, until the delegation passed.

During those minutes, without any purpose and with all respect to all people who gathered there to show their affection and devotion to Mr. Joseph Razinger, a question started to take shape in my mind.

Considering the power that Vatican City and Catholic religion have (as well as any other church/religion), the “marketing” deployed for the event, and the evidence of hierarchy he represents, I couldn’t avoid asking myself:

“Would this man be someone Jesus Christ would approach? Was this the kind of Institution Jesus was thinking of, when founded his Church through Peter?”

I feared the answer.

6 Responses to “Benedicto XVI”

  1. I think the answer to your question is the same as the obvious answer to another question: “Would Jesus Christ ever have allowed himself to be in a position where people would have a hard time approaching *him*?”

    When he did not want to be approached, it was when he wanted to be alone and pray. But when he was in a crowd, he did not erect barriers to keep people away. In fact, he rebuked his disciples when they tried to do so. (Mark 10:13-14, for example — the famous passage about allowing children to come to him.)

    I love your blog, by the way, and plan to visit often.

    • Hi, thanks for your kind comment. I got really surprised to come across yours as well!

      I understand your statement regarding Jesus letting anyone approach him, but he raised his voice in anger against the false prophets, he expelled the merchants from the temple (I’m not sure if you say it like that), and faced anyone who would be as hypocrite so as not to act as he preached. He also preached against accumulating wealth on life (¿¿¿¿Vatican is poor?????).
      I’m afraid we are getting very near to a time where every Institution in every Society, will have to be reviewed and examined against its’ own supposed spirit.

      • >> I’m afraid we are getting very near to a time where every Institution in every Society, will have to be reviewed and examined against its own supposed spirit.

        Yes. Even my wife, who is very religious, says that the Catholic should just sell everything and start over!

  2. We won’t see that happen, The Beagle. Not by their own will.

  3. I quite like reading an article that can make people think.
    Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

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