Although maintaining the subject and axis, I have now decided to make an unexpected (even for me) twist in the contents of the blog: I will start to research – Dolphins. Obviously, not in the true sense, I don’t have that chance. But I will start looking for any information from those who “actually” do research, and I will put every piece of information in a new frame.

Yes, dolphins, but not from a biological/ethological point of view, yet from a sociological one, instead.

In a few videos I saw recently, I could notice from some of their behaviour (and this could be pretty obvious to anyone), they show an intelligence that is not only close to ours (human) but almost the same. They appear to have development stages as similar as our kids, and in some particular cases, even faster. So, under this point of view, intelligence should not be considered anymore a distinctive feature of human beings as a symbol of most evolved species in the planet. Could then be the constitution of a “society” – its complexity in terms of organization, decision making, relationships – a new parameter to assess?

I must therefore be aware of the fact that the information I will try to track down, cannot be that obtained from Sea aquariums or research labs, not only because to a great extent, dolphins are captive (whether we like or not), but also because they are kept apart from the “natural” groups they might form when in freedom.

Therefore, my aim will be mainly research that have been carried out with FREE dolphins, in open sea.

What will findings show us or teach us about dolphins grouping patterns?

Will we be humble enough to accept the facts?


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