Expiring date

The economic-politic phenomena taking place along this last global crisis, cannot be understood anymore, under the same theories and models even than those of the last 10 years. The same happens with the recent attacks in Norway and all the rest since 9-11, that the “isolated lunatic” or “fundamentalist terrorist cells” explanations are not satisfactory enough.

The concept that the “resources utilization” of the central economies (assuming that they are fed with natural and human ones without limit), represents a collapse of the system, is a severe conceptual misleading approach, as far as capitalism is not being under crisis, but exactly the contrary: it is currently heading towards a peak phase. These explanations are a mere “placebo” for those of us who are being dismissed from a structure that each time concentrates more wealth in small amounts of people and spreads poverty between the vast rest of society.

The rage and anger in the people can be contained somehow, if some idea of justice is still maintained even under it’s opposite framework of social unfairness. The last demonstrations in several countries of the globe, under the motto “Take the streets” are just allowing people to letting off steam. Should the true underlying structure see the light of day, it would be simply unbearable and could probably lead to an authentic collapse of society as we know it.

Economy has ALWAYS been an abstract number, that’s its’ prime aim: make profit, savings, material progress. Humanity, on the contrary, as a global entity with moral and ethic values, has ALWAYS been kept apart from the latter, so as not to interfere with its purposes, by adding unnecessary restrictions that might conspire against the maximum possible benefit.

With hard work from our side, we have to start the mourn of this linear and anachronistic structure of thought, in order to prepare the ground for new strategies to face up to the NWO, in which more than 40% of world population will be redundant, and 200 people will be more than enough to effectively run value making companies. There is a need to plan tactics of combat, to go beyond just “taking the streets”.

The discussion (or “conflict” might express better the equation terms), will no longer be “technical” nor “economical”, but of how the strengths balance will be established between society agents.

Y’ know, as it has always been.


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