The crying game

Provided some of the latest forecasts take place regarding crisis, population growth, oil peak, climate change, and redundancy of labour force, the world will turn out to be a hard place to live in, at least for a small part of its inhabitants, a part of about people. As for the rest, they will manage to succeed thanks to their fortunes, their positions and their abilities, in that order.

It will be contradictory in extreme, that the ends of  human and technological progress will be as far from each other, as they have ever been. The most state of the art developments will be just for a small and selective group, that will be able to afford each brand new gadget to be launched into the market. Meanwhile, the rest of us, will be submerged at a lesser or greater level, into an apparently chaotic situation in which few will know exactly what is happening and even less will account for the reason why.

What we will probably see (if we are not seeing it already) is a disintegration of values, of human core values, left aside under the mere justification of survival. Attitudes that we all must have seen in people some time throughout our life, will show up but exaggerated and from the most unexpected acquaintances.

We will find ourselves surrounded by Judas, Peters, and all kind of poor of spirit, who will feel being inevitably led to little abandonments, imperceptible betrayals, impregnable silences.

Only a few brave men and women will stand out, with enough moral strength to bear the same disaster than the rest, but also coping with the parade of weaknesses and unkindnesses of others.

Apocalypse and salvation will not take the shape of global catastrophe and redemption: on the contrary, they will develop right beside us, inside each one of us, at a very tiny scale, like at level of cellular tissue.


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