Blame it on ….. who?

Like in too many human issues, seems we keep on going in circles about this one. Endlessly. But I cannot give up arguing the topic, when I feel there is something that doesn’t quite fit in the general explanation.

We have all heard until we got fed up, that people (any people, Spanish, Greek, Irish, Portuguese, Argentinian), are to blame for behaving irresponsibly by taking debts and loans far beyond each one’s income possibilities. That we should have all thought well, before signing off with the bank. I will therefore accept, for the moment, this explanation.

Responsibility means being aware of the consequences of any of your acts, and so, facing them when they come. To me – and please correct me if I’m wrong – we, ordinary people, are already paying in a quite expensive fashion, our daring, our lack of wisdom. Being it losing homes,  jobs, delaying marriage, postponing having kids, losing perspective and illusion on the future.

I’d say that would be enough punishment for having let ourselves go, under the only desire (ambition some might say) of owning our homes. We could then say that citizens are “in peace” with their own mistakes.

True it is, that too many spent money they didn’t have in a much more frivolous way, but if you ask me, I still see naive people spending money which I don’t know if they have –  and if they have, don’t know where they are getting it from, to let it go so easily. So, this last group, apparently, is having no remorse, neither undergoing any penance.

But what about the rest of society?

What about the high risk, financial banks are supposed to run? What is the impact of the “too big to fall” bail-out, in the outcome of the crisis? According to what we have been witnessing in the last three years, seems that people also get punished – again, DOUBLE SHOT – for the inability of major financial banks to face the failure of their businesses.

Which is the answer given by those who put cheap loans at hand of people, just to tempt them, and increase the balance sheet number, as well as the clients accounts? What about organizations like SEC? Haven’t they any kind of accountability on financial markets?

What about governments? Any of the OECD countries’ president had even dared to bring into the light the true mechanism of this fantastic “designed” crisis.

If people have committed sin of irresponsibility, the establishment has committed sin of collusion between all of its agents.

Finally,  as it is being claimed not only from the leaders but from some people themselves, I’d agree we’d have to accept our full responsibility, if our societies were completely horizontal, plain and there were no organizations to survey its different aspects.

But since we are still immersed in a hierarchical structure, like it or not, there ought to be hierarchy in the level of responsibilities.

On the question of who is facing their mistakes and who is not, I think the answer is not necessary to be written.


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