Democracy vs Mythology: The Battle in Syntagma Square (via sturdyblog)

I feel quite disappointed to keep on reading “we are all Greek”, “your country”, “total support” and so goes the list. It’s not that I think it’s not right, it’s only I think it’s the wrong approach.
We cannot frame this problem from the “nationality” point of view. THat way we are only focusing on the effects. We need to address the causes URGENTLY.
We are living a globalization not only in terms of communications, but most dreadfully, investment capitals and financial markets move funds in an amount that is 14 times the world commerce. Just by the click of a mouse. This means a deadly attack to any “real” economy.
We must start to think on a solution also in global terms. It’s no use Greeks trying to solve Greece problems, or Spaniards demonstrating for Spain problems, or islanders for Island defaults.
We cannot think we must return to a real democracy. False. There have never been any democracy, as far as I can account. For real democracy would mean “direct” democracy. NO REPRESENTATIVES.
I know this is hard to achieve, but instead, there should be prosecution to those who fail to carry out their mandates, people’s instructions, a nation’s insterests. Our governments are corrupt but there is a counterpart which is that corporations are corrupt as well.
I always remember with anger, a famous case in Argentina, where an affair between IBM and Banco Nación (a state bank) blew up in the air, but instead of criminalizing both parts, only the state Bank got all the aims.
There will be 2 billion people in excess in the world in the next two decades (we could say even today, we have the issue in front of our faces), but we are responding exactly as they expect: country by country, as watertight compartments.
This post seems to have triggered people around the world to sympathise with Greece. But it’s not only about Greece.
We are all Greece but we must become aware that “WE ARE ALL US”.


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