This afternoon and evening there were “corridas” in different cities of Spain.

People on one side – “indignados”, Government, bankers, politicians in general on the other.

The M-15 movement is progressing slowly. It’s certainly not having a clear statement but a Manifesto, that could also be the electoral campaign programme of any political party. It’s full of intentions but not a single line of how they are planning to achieve them, nor how will they administrate public assemblies.

The demonstrations today were peaceful and quiet. There were no injured, no clashes with police.

The fact of witnessing such a civilized revolution (see yesterday’s post ) rises some suspicion about how revolutionary this movement is wanting to be. It could occur that going so slow, it will miss the momentum (which in my opinion was already lost in great proportion after 22-M elections). It might just happen the movement and the establishment are watching and assessing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, just like a Matador and the bull would do in a “Corrida”.

It could even happen that, should the 15-M be, as many suggest, a movement created just to alleviate the result of the elections for the center-left parties (which it actually did not), they would also be on the same side than the establishment.

For the bull seldom if ever, leaves the arena alive, what we don’t know so far, is who the bull is and who the Matador, or do we?

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