Maybe Sunday

At the heart of a city with the shape of a heart, the day of tomorrow will be, once more, a decisive date for Democracy in slightly more than a month’s time.

A new demonstration  (“Toma la calle” – “Take the street” is summoned for tomorrow, Sunday 19th, by the movement 15-M, also called DRY (Democracia Real Ya), with several aspects to be considered, that follow the same spirit than the one held a month ago, but also with significant differences.

In the time passed between May 15 and today, the evolution and development of events have shifted from a small group with more or less clear demands as stated in the “Home” page Manifesto ( to a broader and inclusive phenomenon, which had resulted in the voluntary and spontaneous addition of other different groups.

Many of these groups had been working for the last years, with little difussion and much less popularity, on a platform for a true democracy, in particular in Spain, which is somehow under the umbrella of a “Kingdom” – a Parliamentary government under a Constitutional Monarchy. Although it is not known worldwide as “Kingdom of Spain”, it actually is (

The MCRC (Movimiento de Ciudadanos hacia la República Constitucional – Citizen Movement towards a Constitutional Republic), is one of the main movements that had been pursuing since 2006, a new frame of government in terms of representativeness, equality, social rights and fight against political corruption.

You can follow reports, posts, opinions related to the recent events,  all of which mostly took place in the last 45 days, in some of the  recommended links in this blog.

It’s true that 22-M elections acted as an accelerator, but the elections themselves didn’t really marked a milestone since they occurred, quite contradictory, in absolute normality. So far, two aspects are key issues to bear in mind, when approaching a possible forecast for tomorrow.

The first one is the suspicion in many critics of the 15-M movement that it had been organized by the left-centre parties, mostly the PSOE (currently ruling the country), as a last opportunity to gain some of the lost confidence and support from citizens.

The second one, is how the police forces acted or didn’t act, according to the situation.

Regarding the first aspect, the most expanded explanation is that although it could be true that a manipulation might have taken place, the civic movement exceeded by far, the forecasts of the organizers. In this line, great expectations were put in the following days to the election of May 22nd, since if the 15-M was only an electoral strategy, the day after would lose all of its sense. Having been an unexpected success, the movement didn’t have any options rather than continuing beyond the 22-M, and even after last Sunday, June 12th, when the camps in Puerta del Sol were removed.

If to consider the reaction of police, they responded also to the political strategies of each moment, i.e.: absolute absence in the weekend of 22-M elections, with the Government alibi that as long as people demonstrate peacefully, any actions would be necessary to be taken.

However, in Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya) facts were quite different. On May 27th “Mossos d’Esquadra” (local police) dissolved a manifestation with the result of more than 100 people injured. Even worse, last Wednesday, a new repression took place, when people tried to block the access of congressmen to the Congress building, under the excuse of violent behaviour from the demonstrators, with the amazing and chilling proofs that infiltrators where placed by the police among the “Indignados”, filmed by people with their mobile phones (

Now that elections are already passed, there is no true interest from any political party nor the Monarchy, to tolerate further camps in the square of Sol, as in any other place in the rest of Spain.

These are the recent facts that dye the previous hours to tomorrow demonstration.


3 Responses to “Maybe Sunday”

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    [Towards the strength?. Everyone in the street. On the path of constitutional change: the Constitutional Democratic Assembly. Ignored the causes of unemployment. Rebellion against the evictions. The Pact of the Euro. Harassment motion 15-M. Idea of Deutsche Bank: Fall of Greece and the domino effect. Infamy informative. Another secret police caught. The secret war in Spain. Wisconsin Supreme against the workers. View:]

  2. You are right and know what you think.
    This blog is great, great photography and attitude. you would like it.
    Young revolution

    • Not really. I agree photography is great. But if you read along some of the posts in my blog, you will find that, although I agree it is an importan part of the current events, I don’t automatically support any street demonstration or protest.

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