Time for a slight clarification


It’s impossible to avoid having an approach to people’s ideology when discussing society issues and politics.

I’m sure that some people are holding themselves back to shout out that Democracy has risks, and what’s more, that it actually goes in such a way in the pursuance of equality, that it becomes unfair for many. But this would be today, an utterly politically incorrect statement.

Many of us claim that Democracy is just an envelope that disguises the true structure of power within the organization of any society.

What I think now becomes substantial is to differentiate between Society as a whole and the rest of different sub-structures in it.

We all take part in different sub-structures, i.e.: marriage, family, school, work, associations, and so on. In many if not all of them, there are rules, codes, and even hierarchy. A business company is not a democracy. Not everyone is equal to anyone else.  Decisions don’t come from the majority.

Mistaking this approach, trying to bring democratic concepts into a family, could end in a “laissez faire” with no responsibilities from the parents. The same happens in any institution, provided we are not talking of partnerships, when anyone wanting to become member, must accept pre-existing codes and norms.

But as for Society, the concept is radically different, or at least, ideologically different.

Each one of us, is EXACTLY EQUAL to anyone else. My vote is worth the same (one vote) than that of the President of the United States of America. Social rights of a bus driver should be no less that those of his boss at work.

Are we all on the same track?


3 Responses to “Time for a slight clarification”

  1. In view of the simple ignorance of a large percentage of the American electorate, I am tempted to require everyone who votes to pass a test of basic literacy in economics, science, social sciences, philosophy and maybe more. However, I know that in the long run we are all better off if everyone has a voice. If the educated elite are concerned about what the ignorant masses might do, then the elite have a powerful incentive to support education for all.

  2. The educated elite most of times, overlapps with dominant sectors of society. I’m sure they prefer to run the risk of vast parts of Society to remain in ingnorance, rather than giving them the chance to think, for this would set them free.
    Society has still a long way to go, in terms of Autonomy, i.e.: Democracy.

    However, I absolutely agree with you that everyone must have a voice, otherwise, no one would even assume any responsibility on country issues.

  3. […] must therefore differenciate between Society as a totality and any other social partial organization. Ways to implement norms, strategies and aims are completely different in a supposed Democracy […]

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