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2 Responses to “Denial”

  1. I am not as optimistic as Gilding. I don’t think we’ll mobilize and rise to the occasion. My own country, America, is a large part of the problem and over here we have a huge and increasing number of people who don’t even believe climate change is a problem. Check out these polls by one of the USA’s most respected polling organizations:

    A critical mass of the American electorate are “deniers” due to their ideology. If they were deniers because they had read the science, or if they even believed in science, there would be hope. We could reason with them. However, their entire lives are faith-based and many of their faith-leaders tell them that God created the earth for us to consume.

    One devout Christian I know very well says it is “hubris” to think that mankind could do significant damage to the planet. She knows the world will not end in environmental catastrophe; it will end with the Second Coming of Christ. Therefore, she is not worried about the environment.

    Some Christian leaders are getting wiser, but the mind-set of that woman is still too typical here in the USA.

  2. Many thanks for your comment!

    One of my biggest satisfactions since I started this blog in March, is getting in “real” contact with people from different parts of the world. This is an opportunity I feel, not many more are aware of.

    I cannot assure if it’s only an issue in U.S.A., you certainly have a direct input. But I’m sure that in many other ways, people from other countries are equally reluctant to assume the course our culture is taking and the outcome that will impact on us, which according to last studies, will happen within a couple of decades.

    The same emotional “faith” is being put in every election, while expressing anger against the system. It seems humans cannot refrain ourselves from believing, but we are not very careful about what we put our faith in.

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