It’s really strange the game that is taking place between different political forces, in terms of what ideology they subscribe to.

After a post-modern period where the typical policy in different parties and countries was unveiled by the expression: “death of ideologies”, it seems a new era is being born, where euphemisms and politically correct words are no longer a concern.

Instead of omitting ideology, which is now again introduced at least as a label into  political speech, what is now missing is the link between that claimed ideology and the actions. The apparent lack of compromise with an intellectual and/or theoretical framework doesn’t seem to be in the agenda. Like under the cover of branding marketing strategy, more to identify parties with an “image”, a “term”, or a “motto”, there is a purpose to make easier to the voter, to understand what they are talking about. So, rather than spending time, efforts, paper and ink to describe a platform, which concepts will not be necessarily comprehended by electors, the political spectrum is now providing a “grip” for standard people to choose between options.

However, even when Socialism might find itself imposing dramatically unpopular measures, or right-hand parties seeing the benefits of some social welfare, it will never be a greyish mixture again. Right & Left are back.

But my approach is not so much interested in political ideologies, as in “power structure” ideologies.

This means, that regardless of the party and side that are in office at a particular moment, there is a constant and permanent framework that supports any party, in any government of any sign. By this, I want to recognize that Society has itself an ideology applied to its own political organization. This ideology is called Democracy.

The attributes of this ideology are well known to all of us:

  • People does not rule or debate but through its representatives.
  • There are elections regularly, to decide in turns, Executive power, Congressmen, State and City authorities, etc.
  • Government periods are determined by Constitution / Law
  • Re-election might or might not be allowed
  • Once in office, there is no easy way to bring down a politician, no matter how far he left his and his party platform.
  • There is a method to “interpret” the votes, which in most countries, benefit the major parties, also in most countries, limited to two.
  • Small parties can only expect to have a reduced presence in the political stage, but sometimes very useful to achieve alliances.
My question now, is: Where’s people?
Do we have to infer that if to describe Democracy as an ideology, we should have to admit it’s not very keen on participation, with the exception of the tiny yet powerful act of voting?
We need to find, as a matter of urgency, the origin of these key issues, for many of them might be based on the coverage of a territory, the physical requirement of people to come to vote, the cost implied in organizing elections that should by no means, be repeated once celebrated, etc.
My proposal is that we need to be aware that Technology violently changed the cards on this hand. It’s not only necessary, but mainly highly feasible, that new ways of government should be developed, in order to guarantee maximum participation from people, possibility of control over the management any government is undertaking, and inevitably, frame procedures to revoke mandates, with appropriate agreement on some minimum results to score.
This process, ought not to be ideological. No leaders, no followers, no structures. In the very moment that the new approach starts to spread, the slightest reminiscence of power structure will unavoidably make it fail. On the contrary, if to take place, will must be spontaneously and anonymously, thus who will really be driving the change will be Society as a whole.
Difficult, huh? Definitely not.

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