Not in the sense of thought, but meaning how an image is reproduced on a surface in front of it.

Reflections are similar, almost the same, but not exactly the same.

First you have sides: left and right are inverted in the mirror, on the quiet waters of a pond.

Then you have to consider the point of view, in a way that you never actually experience the symmetry, for the perspective creates the illusion of continuity, and so we must abstract the idea of equivalent images.

Something quite like happens with shadows, where after some training one can recognize the same object in the distorted dark shape.

Lately I’ve been perceiving an idea in my mind, that two concepts that are apparently different, if not opposite to each other, have much more patterns in common than we think.

If we consider Democracy as the best possible governance system for a society, then we will be induced to think of elections, people exercising their right, the choice of the best candidates, the forging of alliances, and in a way, a multitude of beings living in a civilized agreement.

On the contrary, markets mean the struggle for increasing earnings, reduction of risk if not complete elimination of it. This would evidence the contradiction Liberalism and Capitalism are not willing to accept. If free market is the perfect frame for economic progress and development in any society, it’s inner mechanisms and stimulus, drive it straight to the ideal status of Monopoly, where “offer” fixes the price and “demand” can only accept or reject. But under no circumstance, will there be any kind of negotiation.

When democracies evolve towards a bi-partidism, and only two major parties rule, citizens start to perceive in a subliminal way, that there is no escape, that options shrink in such a way, that any policy, decision, strategy will be finally imposed, one way or the other.

Both concepts start to resemble dangerously each other.


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