Those of us who don’t believe in God, or we could also include those who believing in God, don’t make him a part of everything, are used to facing things differently.

First of all, we need to put our faith in something else. Hard thing to do, God is quite difficult to replace. He stands for: ALL!

Through History, mankind evolved to the separation of concepts: Religion, Government, Armed Forces. If in the beginning, Kings, emperors and pharaohs carried on their back being the head of the three concepts, we can say today, all of them are neatly separated.

Nevertheless, some people might fall in confusion and mix spiritual issues with administrative or military ones. And also, the other way round, churches need to raise and administrate funds, have opinion on State matters, and so on.

What worries me the most is that when one finally thinks to have quite clear this separation, a ambiguous feeling might appear that something is missing, for Churches don’t focus in spirit, Governments don’t succeed in the administration of the public affairs, and military structure undertake wars that bring nothing but pain and death to every part involved.

One feels like a titan when, in times of elections, holds oneself back and stays at home, fighting against the feeling of emptiness. We don’t have many more options. I don’t want to choose my hangman. I would like to choose who is mostly fit to carry out policies in the benefit of the whole society.

We always tend to count on others, in few ways. Acquaintances depending on feelings are rare and few. As for the rest, they usually fall into an economic point of view. There is something to take and something to give. And in this negotiation, a third party makes its most profits, with us not even noticing it.

My discovery: we will not be friends in thousands, I know it simply cannot happen.

But there is nothing else left.



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