Those Twenties (1962) by Theodor W. Adorno


“… There is no blunter proof of the present cultural aporia than the fact that the critic to the ideological nature of chemically pure esthetic progress, immediately turns into ideology. In Eastern Europe, it is for the only purpose of choking the last indomitable movements that had sheltered themselves in Art, and help conformism to become totality. This means that the base of Art is broken, that it is not possible anymore an intact relation with the esthetic sphere. The concept of a revived culture after Auschwitz is apparent and absurd, and every work of art that could be created must pay a bitter price for it. But since the world has survived it’s own sinking, it needs Art as its unconscious ¬†historiography. The authentic contemporary artists are those in whose works resounds the extreme horror.”

Note: translation is mine, from the spanish version.


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