The perfect storm

It’s not about the movie, but I’d like to apply the concept of simultaneous events adding their forces to create a major one, which consequences will be further more than just the sum of the outcomes of each of them, separately.

An airplane brought down would be an example of such conditions, since being safety measures in commercial aviation more than redundant, the only possibility for such a terrible catastrophe to happen, is the coincidence of many factors at one time, since one of them, even some of them, would not be enough to cause the disaster.

It would be a great exercise to find the “perfect storms” that happened to mankind all through its history, in order to try to prevent future ones occurring, taking out, obviously, those caused by natural forces.

I would say that in the past, scale was a factor that had it’s benefic impact: when two cultures engaged in a war, it was clearly a disaster but it didn’t affect more than the ones taking part in it. On the contrary, these days, we could say due to globalization and it’s metaphoric image, the “butterfly effect”, almost any event has a more or less considerable impact in the whole world. The current financial crisis is the best example I can think of.

But my concern arises when I start to assess if this is the worst case scenario. And concern increases automatically, when some intuitive mechanisms start to point towards the answer “Not yet”.

What are the sensors that are forecasting a perfect storm forming?

Multiple readings converge to one point, and no answer is satisfactory so far: the way Mankind is developing will be unsustainable in the SHORT run. We, those who are now in our 70’s and below, will probably witness and even suffer, some kind of “rearrangement”, if it is not already taking place.

There are issues about power, as always throughout history, but now these issues have become global.

There are issues about Health, Poverty, Education, Famine, Diseases, affecting billions of HUMAN BEINGS all over the world, and institutions being absolutely unable or unwilling to call for action (i.e.: religions and churches, NGO, world organizations, etc.).

Energy crisis is just the visible tip of the iceberg called “spending way of life”, where less than half of mankind owns more than 80% of world wealth, while the rest hardly survive.

We should also account for the futility of Laws, those which although written, lose their weight according to who is under judgement.

We can foresee that conflicts between the individual and collective matters are worryingly growing.

There is a strange structure on its way, where most of the people who are making enormous sacrifices, are at the same time, being held responsible for the crisis, in such a way, that the guilty feeling exceeds by far the will to chase, judge and condemn the true “drivers” of the current situation. 

We should be pretty sure by now, that bubbles and its consequent bursts are not spontaneous. Both sides of the same process are carefully planned, and neatly executed. The outcome, we know it: the winner takes it all.

So, under these brushstrokes, a figure is taking shape and it’s not about beauty, neither justice, nor equality.


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