We can acquiesce for a moment that banks play a substantial role in our societies. In fact, they do.

We’ve been explained that banks mean the guarantee for the vital fluid (like blood) of currency to run through the markets and allow every economic transaction. Therefore, they are at the centre (heart) of our organization as a body.

We all need banks: we cash in our salaries, we pay many or all of our bills, we have credit cards, we got a loan for a new car and a mortgage for a bigger house, all by means of an account and its number.

I can understand so far, that they’ve become necessary by force, to any social activity, as far as it involves money exchange.

But …. if they claim to hold such a social role that they cannot go bankrupt, that they must be saved/rescued/financed by the respective governments (people), then why the hell don’t they accept being further regulated by society?

Why should they always get away with having a social role and at the same time, with the highest profits as well?

It’s not that I’m saying they ought to lose money, it’s only they don’t need to run risks with OUR money, with OUR trust, with OUR future. Or at least, shouldn’t they ask first?

Because it’s us who will suffer in the next crisis, not the CEO/CFO of the next bank to crash.

I don’t really like to see how they “sell” us we are equally responsible again.


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